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Tucson New Construction Homes

Tucson New Construction Homes

"Should I use a Realtor if I am considering New Home Construction?"

This is one of the most common questions we receive. The answer is 'Absolutely'. When you walk into a new home sales office, the sales person their represents the builder and not you. By using your own Realtor you gain the following:

1. The Realtor represents you - not the builder. The Realtor watches out for your best interest during the entire transaction. You are not going to save any money by not using a Realtor.

2. Advise on builders and subdivisions.

3. Help buyer define needs and preferences.

4. Schedule and conduct showings and visits to subdivions

5. Help buyer evaluate houses, lots, subdivisions, locations.

6. Research relevent facts about subdivsions and builder.

7. Advise buyer on cost/benefit of options.

8.Negotiate various contract terms. The builder uses their own contract which favors them. Buyer needs to understand contract.

9. Help buyer understand transaction documents.

10. Monitor construction progress.

11. Create and maintain paper trail.

13. Arrange for independent insepctions if buyer so chooses.

14. Assist buyer at closing

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